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  Alaska is the Final Frontier!  

Alaska is beautiful in summer!

For summer, Alaska is great.  I have been on two Alaskan cruises.  Imagine checking out Skagway, the launching point for the Alaska White Pass train ride to the Klondike, which is one of the sad gold rush stories of history.  Thousands of men left their families, and spent their family savings, in the search of gold.  Many died leaving their families broke and poor.  The sceenery is breathtaking as you climb the mountains high above Skagway and across Horse Gulch, where many a dead horse was left.  Then imagine Ketchican, a real western style town with plenty of shops, restaurants, and Bald Eagles.  Let me tell you that you will see as many Bald Eagles in Alaska as you might see pigeons here in the larger cities. 

Or imagine a visit to Victoria, British Columbia, which is adorned with beautiful flower gardens and beautiful English style buildings.  Buchart Gardens is well known as one of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world, along with their dusk light show.  And finally launching points like Seattle and Vancouver are excellent places to vacation with old towns, fish markets, plenty of shops and fine restaurants, and things to see and do.  Yes a summer Alaskan cruise vacation can be an unforgettable experience.

Keep an eye on this space for recommended places to vacation.  That is because planning your vacation is nearly as much fun as taking your vacation.  Mike